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Do you want to build highly profitable energy trading teams?

Looking to hire?

Do you need experts in algo trading who are passionate about the energy transition?

NordSearch is your premier recruitment partner for automating energy trading. We specialize in bridging the talent gap within algorithmic trading, supplying the experts needed to innovate and thrive in this rapidly evolving landscape.

NordSearch have the track-record and the network to ensure you get access to the best trading talent in Europe.

Our team have recently built an Algo Trading team from scratch for one of Europe’s largest energy trading firms. This included 3 Senior QuantDevelopers to build the infrastructure and 2 Quant Researchers from Tier 1 algo trading firm’s. This team of A-players delivered c.25m in profit in 2022.

Our client only needed to see 12 candidate profiles to build this team.

NordSearch can quickly provide you access to senior passive talent like this, significantly increasing your quality per hire for business critical positions.

At NordSearch, we don’t just fill vacancies; we help you build great processes and candidate experiences that A-player demand. Let’s partner with together to seize the opportunity to define the future of energy trading.

As a retained-first search firm, we delve deep to understand your company, culture, and specific hiring needs.

Our approach and unrivalled network enables us to provide A-player talent..

Our tailored solutions range from Exclusive and Retained searches to Project-based recruitment for multi-hire projects that require a blend of permanent and freelance solutions. Our partnership ensures successful outcomes, delivering results swiftly without compromising on quality.

Book in a free consultation today if you need support with Energy trading hiring.