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The premium search firm dedicated to helping power the energy transition across Europe.

NordSearch has a laser focus on the energy trading industry, particularly in building highly profitable Algorithmic trading teams.

We are experts in recruiting for…

The energy transition

The shift from fossil-based to zero-carbon energy - is an urgent priority that is set to redefine Europe's industrial landscape over the next 10-20 years.

This transformation demands not only innovative technologies but also a robust and highly-skilled talent force that can bring this vision to life. While the significant opportunity and necessity for algorithmic trading within the European intraday power markets continues to grow exponentially, there is a pressing challenge – the scarcity of experienced, skilled professionals with a clear track-record. NordSearch was born to address this very issue.

Drawing from our deep-seated experience in building high-performing algorithmic trading teams from scratch for some of Europe’s leading energy trading firms, we are filling this talent gap by helping our clients secure A-player talent at speed that can develop and deliver profitable trading strategies. Our passion lies in our commitment to help accelerate the energy transition in a profitable, sustainable manner.

With NordSearch, you are not just finding talent; you’re shaping the future.

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Powering the energy Transition Through Talent

Our mission at NordSearch is to address the talent gap in Europe's energy transition.

Recognizing the critical importance of algorithmic trading in this seismic shift, and the urgent need for experts in Quant Research, Quant Development, and Trading with a clear track-record of generating returns,, we are committed to providing the talent that will drive our sustainable future. NordSearch exists to turn the challenge of the energy transition into an opportunity, championing growth through exceptional talent acquisition and dedication to the future of energy in Europe.